So here we are – right at the beginning. It’s the first post on a brand new blog that could really go in any number of directions. If you’re reading this, one of two things is probably true. The first and most likely possibility is that you know me and you’re just clicking on this to see what I’m up to. In that case, hiya! The second possibility is that this blog has gained some sort of popularity and you’re a total stranger to me that’s going back to the beginning of the blog to see where it all started. In that case, you get a ‘Hiya!’ as well.

On this blog I’ll be documenting a pretty big journey that I’m taking. I came to New York City two years ago with the dream of becoming an actor, but I’m headed down a new path now. I started learning programming and I got hooked, hard. After learning quite a bit independently, I researched, toured, and applied to a few different coding bootcamps here in NYC. The Flatiron School was my first choice, the first one I interviewed with and the first to accept me. I start October 9th, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Alright, first blog post done. How was it for you? It was pretty good for me. Stay tuned for more about my experience going to a coding bootcamp, getting hired, getting promoted, and eventually creating a startup that gets funded and then goes public making me a billionaire.  At that point, I’ll be hiring other people to write this blog for me.  Send applications to