Starting October 9th, I’ll be attending The Flatiron School, where I’ll be learning to program for nine hours a day, five days a week. And I am ready.

I’ve completed Flatiron’s required 100 hours of pre-work, as well as most of their bonus pre-work. I’ve completed other courses, including Pluralsight’s Quick Start to JavaScript and Clean Code: Coding for Humans. I’ve been practicing on LeetCode and CodeWars, and I’ve been making little programs of my own to reinforce the things that aren’t quite cemented in my head yet. I’ve made a plan to review my previous studies over the next week.

I am ready.

I know it’s going to be a tough 15 weeks, and I know that there are times that I’ll be pushed to my limits. I know that the end of the bootcamp is also the beginning of what could be a long and difficult job search.

But I am ready.

I’m ready to focus exclusively on learning what the camp has to teach me for four months in order to absorb it as fully as I can, and to make sure the rest of my life is in balance so that I can learn without distraction. I’m ready to make small talk, make friends, and make connections that will stay with me. I’m ready to embrace challenges and find new ways of thinking about problems.

It’s a totally new chapter in my life. And I am ready.