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Flatiron Bootcamp: One Month Out

My start date for The Flatiron School is just a month away – October 9th. I’ve dedicated a great deal of time and energy to learning and it’s fantastic to know that all the hard work I’ve been putting in is already starting to pay off.  Looking back a few weeks at the code I was putting together, I can see better and easier ways to do things. I can easily explain concepts that vexed me, which is wholly satisfying.

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So Boom – I’m Learning Ruby

In order to pass the tests required of me to get into a bootcamp (I’ll go over my prep work and the reason I chose the school that I did in a future post), I was required to learn quite a bit of JavaScript. It’s the first language I’ve learned, aside from a little exposure to QBasic as a kid, and I was proud of how quickly I picked up on a lot of it. Flatiron doesn’t just focus on JavaScript though, they teach Ruby as well.

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Sure it’s a Cliche, but….. Hello World!

So here we are – right at the beginning. It’s the first post on a brand new blog that could really go in any number of directions. If you’re reading this, one of two things is probably true. The first and most likely possibility is that you know me and you’re just clicking on this to see what I’m up to. In that case, hiya! The second possibility is that this blog has gained some sort of popularity and you’re a total stranger to me that’s going back to the beginning of the blog to see where it all started. In that case, you get a ‘Hiya!’ as well.

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