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I Made a Game With Zombies in it!

Last weekend I created my first standalone project that I felt was worth showing off. It’s a multiple choice game with random elements that takes place in JavaScript alerts. It’s pretty simple, but it’s also pretty cool. ¬†Go ahead and play it, then come back for the breakdown.

Zombor: A Game by Dick Ward

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So Boom – I’m Learning Ruby

In order to pass the tests required of me to get into a bootcamp (I’ll go over my prep work and the reason I chose the school that I did in a future post), I was required to learn quite a bit of JavaScript. It’s the first language I’ve learned, aside from a little exposure to QBasic as a kid, and I was proud of how quickly I picked up on a lot of it. Flatiron doesn’t just focus on JavaScript though, they teach Ruby as well.

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